Sonoma in Spring - Visit Sonoma Wine Country

Spring Awakening

There’s no better place to be in spring than Sonoma County. Sweet smells and the light melodious sounds of nature dominate the air. And the vineyards are alive with color and possibilities.

You’ll sip, dine and explore wineries, roads and restaurants less crowded than the summer. All in the kind of sunlight that inspires artists worldwide to make pilgrimages here in the hopes of capturing its unique illumination.

Welcome to Sonoma Wine Country

Home to artisans honing their respective crafts – winemaking, grapegrowing, organic farms, and more–– plus stunning vistas, beautiful weather and an ambiance of effortless splendor, Sonoma County is everything wine country should be––and more.

It starts just thirty miles north of the Golden Gate. It surrounds the winding Russian River. It stretches out to the rugged Pacific Coast to the west, and the rolling hills of the Sonoma Mountains on the east. It encompasses redwoods, backroads, spas, five-star restaurants and 13 distinct (and distinctive) wine regions.

It is Sonoma Wine Country. A land filled with journeys­­––for a day, a week or a lifetime.

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